The Thirteenth Alchemist

Unseen Bits of My Soul

I am incredibly sensual – a true Venusian, if you will.

I am drawn to things that activate all my senses; fragrances, non-mundane art, high thread count sheets, ancient resins burning, food, haunting music, piano keys, skin on skin, poetry, beautiful vistas, warm tiles, soft earth beneath my bare feet, wines that carry the energy of ripened berries tainted by a passing comet, the tenderness of a lover’s caress that’s heavy with promise, the hardness of his arousal, looking into eyes and catching glimpses of the soul, sultry words breathed in my ear, lawnmower in the distance, wind cavorting in the trees, the smell of freshly washed sun-dried sheets, the sound of rain on a window pane, a raging ocean pummeling desolate rocks.

And then there are writings that literally make me pre orgasmic, music that creates nostalgia for places I’ve never been and experiences I’ve not yet had. I’m obsessed with slow-burn romances that quietly and steadily evolve into an indestructible timeless inferno – and wit that stimulates the mind and has the ability to rouse a lethargic imagination to magical dimensions.

I just want to feel.

Feelings rich in depth and breadth that lift a humdrum existence to dizzying heights. It’s magic that I need, anything less just will not do.

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