The Thirteenth Alchemist

Earth & Air

It’s your depth that I crave
To plumb the very essence of that which
lies in majestic repose beneath your surface
To venture beyond the thresholds
To plummet into the bottomless abyss?
What’s on the surface is illusory
mundane, capricious, transient, unsatisfactory
An unholy caricature of your true divinity

It’s conversations with you that I crave
And bare faced questions
designed to unveil us until we’re utterly naked, bare
and shamelessly on display
Raw, open, and vulnerable – whispered, for we
dare not speak aloud
Tearing us apart, then utterly bonding us
with resounding finality

It’s connection with you that I crave
A kindred. A fellow seeker. A lover
Can you hold space as I use my cards to divine?
While I worship at the stone altar under a hunter’s moon?
Can you make sense of the ‘witch-fire’
that smolders in my eyes
To be warmed by it, hone it, cherish it, stoke it?
For many are they which have seen my flames and have comprehended it not
It’s your beingness that I prize
Tell me…
What’s on that briliant mind?
Pour it all over me – honey drips
like rivulets down my thighs

It’s the healing you provide, that I desire
Your aura, your presence, your revolutionary fire
You’re not deterred by my walls
You’re not fazed by my sass
My thorny vines don’t scare you, neither my wildness nor my satire.
I’m secretly impressed by this, because a shrinking wallflower, I am not
Though my storms rage as I release ancient trauma from my bloodline
You’re steadfast through it all, providing the elusive balance that I seek
And when your Earth hardens, all my stars blissfully align

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