The Thirteenth Alchemist

“… whatever qualities a man does not recognize in himself—shadow, anima, whatever—will confront him in real life. Outer reflects inner; that is the general rule. If there are any psychological rules that are valid always and everywhere, that is one of them”

Sharp 2008

Hello! I am Paula Johnson, and I present in The Thirteenth Alchemist my understanding of a subset of knowledge so profane that until recently, has only been alluded to in the philosophies of the past and present, the songs of poets, and the ‘seemingly crazed’ writings of mystics.

This record does not attempt to demystify or de-occult these teachings, but rather to extract their essence so that these ancient principles may be as valuable and practical to us in the 21st century as they have been to those throughout the ages.

For me, the study of these principles has been reminiscent of a midnight jailer – cloaked and slinking among the shadows – coming with the key to freedom. Ironically, the keys he presents are wholly allegorical, and so are the bars. I’ve always been free, he tells me. A part of me is inclined to believe him even though I’ve been raised to believe a radically different story. He goes on to explain that I created the state I’m in, and as a result, I have the power to change it once I understand the basis of alchemical change.

This blog is my perspective on this undulating, mysterious thing we call existence viewed through the lens of alchemical principles. It’s about transmutation using inner alchemy. Learning to change base states into higher ones. This arcane knowledge allows one to navigate this plane as a master, not a servitor. 

The principles surrounding alchemy are rather simple. Removing the arcane aesthetic and the mystical overtones leaves us with two poignant statements. These statements apply to any dimension, time, and person – regardless of color, class, or creed.

Those statements would be that,

  • 1. The outer always reflects the inner, and as a result
  • 2. Every state is transmutable

These ideas have resonated throughout all ages. All races have known it. They run like a golden thread through all religions in some form – not grasped by many, but understood by a few.  Ancient, primordial, and shrouded in arcana.

This blog aims to initiate a communal journey focused on these esoteric teachings and inner workings of the psyche, with the ultimate goal of cultivating mastery of this plane.