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How to Affirm Your Way Into Your Biggest, Baddest Self Yet

If you say an affirmation and immediately you feel resistance to it – like your mind begins to point out all the reasons why what you’re saying is dumb – then congratulations you’ve identified a very elusive limiting belief. Don’t cower before it though, see it for what it is, and understand that the situation it pointed out as being real existed in your experience because of that specific belief and others that are like it.

Instead of cowering, feeling dejected and saying that affirmations don’t feel real to you because your mind knows that what it’s saying isn’t real. Of course your mind knows, it’s this consciousness that has created the issues so it is very much aware that what you’re saying is contrary to what you’re currently experiencing. But the trick that the mind doesn’t want you to know is that the experience that it so helpfully pointing out only exists as long as the belief exists.

“The future is not so much in our hands as in our mouth.
You have to articulate the future you want to see.”

Vietnamese American poet Ocean Vuong

So ignore the dictates of the mind and ignore the present conditions as that was only a reflection of the mind in any case. What you want to focus on is eradicating the belief. So keep on saying the affirmation, keep on contradicting the mind.

Be consistent, never giving any space to the old condition which is in the process of fading away.

So the more it shows you the state of your bank account the more you affirm. Don’t accept that this is your reality, trust the science of affirmation. Know and understand that you are reprogramming your mind, you are rising to a higher state of consciousness and you must get a different result.

So never capitulate, ever!
If you do that you are simply giving power to the mind, not to your new creation.

Instead do like the Katy dids.
Katy did. Katy did not. Katy did. Katy did not.

Your mind says: Your money is running out.
You respond by saying: Bullocks! I’m wealthy beyond belief.
Your mind: Are you finally insane? Your money is running out.
Keep insisting: I’m wealthy beyond belief.

Let it cower before you, eventually it will fade away along with the lack of money.

Albert Einstein once quipped, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” It’s persistent as fuck, you just gotta be more persistent until it gives 🙂

People are confused about affirmations. You aren’t using affirmations to change your situation. You’re using affirmations to change your beliefs. Affirmations aren’t used because we want to make something so, we affirm because it is so!

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