The Thirteenth Alchemist

True Love

I’m at that point in my evolution where I’m no longer impressed by externalities
What captures my attention is me
I’m now self-curious
I’m on a quest to know more about who I am
So I delve into every nook, twisted tunnel and hidey-hole to discover what makes me tick
To discover how I came to be, what sort of hodgepodge amalgamation of experiences and thought forms have gelled together to form that which makes me ‘me’

My interest is inherently self-seeking and grows more so every day
I’ll be the first to admit that I fascinate me
This goes beyond mere curiosity
It’s a compulsion. I must know
So I tend to my inner wild
Rending the veil across time
Seeing that which is unseeable
Understanding that which cannot be held in the mind

Is this love?
‘Cause I tend to ‘me’ the way a lover would
I wait on bated breath for my next perspective
I already know it’s going to be unique, brilliant even
I listen to my body and provide nurture – the way one would for a newborn
I care so much. Is it rest it needs, hydration, sensual touch or fuel?
Whatever it requires, I provide
Eternal doting lover of me

I am enchanted
My quirks, my idiosyncrasies, my flaws
How is it that I’m just seeing?
The inner magnificence of me
Inner focused, external validation be damned
I’m insatiable in my desire for this exotic land
My thoughts, my feelings, my filters, my fears
Listening, asking, being attentive within
It’s a brand new world
And this changes everything

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