The Thirteenth Alchemist

New Moon

The soft mist falls, engulfing my being
A stone altar rests solidly on its earthy base
Fire in my hands flicker and flame
Robes barely shift as I move around
The sacred temple
A king to be crowned

Closing my eyes, I go deep within
A world within worlds, an ancient power emerges
The silence is loud, that primordial sound
Fragrances rise as ancient resins burn
Taking me on a journey much profound
The illuminated path
A queen to be unbound

I feel their energy, tentatively at first
Then strongly, powerfully, authoritatively
They are everyone, but they’re also Me
The soft mist lifts, whirling like Sufis
Eclipsing my awareness of things earthbound
The flames shimmer, my skirts flutter
And still nary a sound

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