The Thirteenth Alchemist

Chalice of Two

Most people love only in theory
They intellectualize, they ‘mental-ize’
Fourth chakra desensitized
Foundation clearly only abstract
Yet they’re surprised when they pull down the Tower
To function solely in the Air element is to be woefully imbalanced
Cups hold the feeling
Wands a must for the executing
Grounded pentacle doing the anchoring
Blissfully united!
The ancient Avatar

As a hands-on lover I never quite understood the ‘theory’ of love
As every practitioner of love knows
The letter kills but the spirit brings to life
One is dry and brittle
The other teeming with all the creative potential of the infinite

If I love you, you’re gonna know
If I desire you, you’re gonna know
If I constantly want your taste on my lips and your voice in my ear, you’re gonna know.
If it’s your hardness that I crave, you’re certainly gonna know
To revile vulnerability, to be revolted by softness
Renders us fractionated.
Dementor-like. Wraiths

Fact is, even though I can play better than most
I’ve lost all taste for the distorted games of men
In retrospect, it now seems so silly
We withhold affection to secure attention; we retreat to encourage pursuit
We brilliant but operating from the lowest of psyches
Mere battles of insecurity birthed by gaping psychological wounds
Jungian shadow

I suppose I do have a type
If you know, you know…

But I’m not a type
I’m a frequency
You’ll never truly experience me without tuning within.
Frankly, you’ve got to be on similar trajectory.
Hermetic correspondence.
Many yearn for my essence but not everyone can tap in,
I’m a child of Venus – eternally woven of ritual and ancient mystery

Wanna know me?
First Know thyself
Then and only then you’ll discern the coordinates
No sending location
You’ll find me within
Let the black light illuminate thy trod
Bottom of the deck, a Queen with sword in hand
A different standard, Horus’ rising in a foreign land
(loudly calls.)

I give a lot so I require a lot
Scales ever balanced
Always honoring reciprocity
Can’t cheat Ma’at
Read the chart and discern your part
What’s the current transit? Teach me the planetary aspects?
Conjunct or sextile?
Do our stars ever align?

Tired of emotional repression
I’m now only facilitating the highest of expressions
Why create a circus? Who are you attempting to clown?
Hathor? Nzinga? Oshun?
Beware, for when you play a stupid game, you win a stupid prize
Why not discard the foolish ego trips, the insincere gestures, and the mind tricks
Resurrect the ancient integrity of the masculine man?

I used to attract half-loves, impure loves and loves that weren’t loves at all but, nevertheless,
they were all my creations
Perfect mirrors lovingly showing to me my own half-hearted love of I
I-Alchemy used those mirrored images to repair, to recalibrate, to realign
To learn how to love I highly
To learn how to love I whole
Present, but eternally weaving the future
Transmuting base elements into desired elixir

Now, like a child who can’t sleep before the big day
I’m on tenterhooks. Blue butterfly 🦋
So thrilled to now partner with this physical realigned reflection of I-self
This new creation
A perfect reflection of my self-aware divinity
Absolute symmetry

Women helping men to be men
Men rightfully resenting women
A man should figure it out, I say
His life, his trod, his destiny
How is he gonna be crowned
if he didn’t go through the initiation?
Neophyte no more, alchemical mason

Master builders abound, first eye look around
Deciding what is, makes it so, so release the perpetual trap of the status quo
Thoughts are the powerhouse, the divinity within.
Flow the ancient energy correct, it is never what you see,
It has always been what you decree
I KNOW I’m elevated, of a invaluable kind
None can reach I unless they’re likewise one with Mind

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  • Phil Barrientos

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads
    up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Safari.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
    to let you know. The design and style look great though!
    Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Thanks

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