The Thirteenth Alchemist

The Dawn

It’s in the mornings that it happens. When the dust of sleep lingers in my eyes and I’m most awake to the whispers of a higher mind. The outcropping of my subconscious is super active and my conscious mind not quite alert enough to block the streams of information that pour from my untethered soul.
It’s in the mornings that I can really connect.

Downloads, huge swaths of information come into my awareness in rapid succession.

I know I’ll remember it.
I don’t.
I’ve since learned to grab my phone and flip to the notebook app and type as fast as my fingers can go.

Spelling and punctuation be damned.
I just go with the flow.

I can make it pretty later.
But right now I write.
I don’t usually get everything.
Some things still fall through the cracks, even as I do my best to scoop them from my fast retreating subconscious mind.

But that’s okay, I trust that I’ve gotten that which I need, and I know the source isn’t limited as scarcity doesn’t exist here. There’s always more than I need flowing into my experience, so I take what I can and allow the rest to be.

They will be regurgitated, recycled for another time when I most need those particular nuggets of wisdom, but for now I’m satiated.
I am fuller and wiser and I give thanks.

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